Royal Rider Driver App


Want some extra money to build your dream business? Want to earn while you study?

Be your own Boss and earn money while you drive. Royal Rider is the right place for you to choose your riders and move on. You can meet the riders who are in need of a car in your locality anytime when you open your app. Live tracking is enabled for locating you and nearby riders using Google Maps. You will be getting paid for the rides you choose. Thus, making money with your car is made so simple. All you need is to register at Royal Rider, take the ride and drop your riders’ safe at destination. Get your car ready and wait for the call!

Be a part of our team and enjoy our excellent services on road! Get it on:


Plan your schedule

With Royal Rider, you are always free to accept the best offers available and ignore if you don’t feel good. We provide the flexibility to choose your riders and thus value your service. So, you can plan according to your free time.


We assure you the best

With a large collection of registered members, we assure genuinity of each of the riders. You can trust our team as we assure the best for you. Contact details and rating of riders are available before you decide.


Get money in your Wallet

We ensure trouble-free transactions and enables secure payments. We keep track of your drives and offer you the best payment for the rides undertaken by you. All your financial details are kept private and secure at our hands.