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Frequently Asked Questions

Royalrider is WA owned On Demand Ride Sharing Business. We provide our service all over Perth. You can enjoy the safe, comfortable and cheap rides and earn income by drive with Royalrider. There is only a few simple steps for the registration.

The current rider app version for iOS is 1.8 and for Android is 1.7

Minimum Fare is $5 which can be used for a maximum of 2 kilometer and/or 3 minutes. Cancellation fee is $7, Distance fare is $1 and Time fare is $0.30 for the Economy service.

Minimum fare for the Premium Service is $18 and it will cover a 2 kilometer and a maximum of 3 minutes.
Cancellation fee is $10, Distance fare is $2, Time fare is $0.65 for the Premium Service.

Rider: Download our app and activate your account by completing the registration. Request the ride through the app, then one of the close by drivers will pick you up from your location and drop off at the destination. You can rate the driver's service after the trip. We automatically charge you through the payment method you have selected.

Driver: Get your driver account activated by downloading the app and completing the registration. Accept the ride request from the riders, pick up them from their location and drop off at the destination, You will get rated from the rider and get paid from us for your service.

We securely save your payment details and there will not be any kind of misuse.

Download the Royalrider app from App store or Play store, complete the rider account registration by filling up all the required fields. Then your account will get activated automatically within 3 minutes.

You can request a ride even if you do not have sufficient account balance. It will be applicable to a maximum of $10. You can request another ride only after pay off the previous trip payment on next day of the credit trip.

You will get a promotion code when you register with us. You will also get extra promotion code when you refer a friend for Royalrider and you may get more based on various reasons and situations such as number of trips you have completed, events near by you etc

We will send the notification with the promotion code to your email or to the app. Tap on the code to copy it then go back to the app menu and select the coupon code, you can add the copied code here. You will get the notifications only if your device allow notifications for Royalrider app.

We do not apply surge charge at any situation

At present we do not have a pre booking service. We will add this service in future.

You can cancel the trip by simply selecting the “Cancel” button from the menu at the top right of the screen. A cancellation fee will be applied only if you cancelled the trip after 3 minutes and 59 seconds of requesting.

We do not receive payments by cash. Payments are to be done automatically from your designated account.

If you want to go to different places in the same trip, you can enter each drop off address after each destination.

You can request a ride for your family or friends through your rider account. In such situations, all the responsibilities will be held on the account holder.

If you lost any item during the trip, tap on Menu, select Help then tap on Lost Item. You can enter the item description here (You have to provide the trip ID which will be shown in the Menu> Trip History) and Submit. Otherwise you can contact us at with your Trip ID and we will assist you.

Go to Menu then select Help and tap on Complaint. Here you can provide the details of the issue.

After each trip we send the invoice to your email which you have used for the rider account registration.