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Refund Policy of Royal Rider

Royalrider has a reasonable refund policy. We encourage you to read it carefully before you use our service.We are happy to refund your money; if there any reasons where we believe you deserve a refund. By accepting the Terms and Conditions you accept the Privacy Policy and Refund Policy too. If you do not respond to our further enquiry (if needed) about refund issue for more details, we cannot process your refund request.

The reasons/situations where you get a refund partially (the refundable amount has to be decided by Royalrider);

  1. If the driver select the wrong route to the destination and it takes unnecessary extra pay, we will refund you only that extra money you have paid.
  2. If there any over pay due to the technical issues, the reasonable amount will be refundable.

The reasons/situations where you get a refund in full;

If you started the ride and cannot complete it due to vehicle break down or accidents, then you will get a refund in full

The reasons/situations where you do not get a refund are;

  1. If there a ride request occurred accidently (such as a child or someone else make a request) and you cancel it after 4 minutes, a cancellation fee applicable (please see our cancellation policy from terms and conditions) and it is not refundable.
  2. If you are not reached at the pickup location after the estimated waiting time, driver can cancel the trip and a cancellation fee applicable (please see our cancellation policy) and it is not refundable.
  3. The Briantree fee of $1 which has to be charged at the time of rider account registration must not be refunded by Royalrider.

Refund Processing Time

All the eligible refunds as per Refund Policy may have a maximum of 14 working days of processing.